The 6th International Symposium on Structure-Property Relationship in Solid State Materials (SPSSM-2016) will be held in Nantes, France, from friday, July 1st to wednesday, July 6th 2016. A tour is planned on sunday, July 3rd to visit the nearby seacoast (learn more about the seacoast here).


The SPSSM-2016 follows the previous symposia held at Bordeaux in 2006, Nantes in 2008, Stuttgart in 2010, Bordeaux in 2012 and Qingdao in 2014. Namely, The SPSSM-2016 will be an international forum to present and discuss recent research results on solid state materials. Our goal is to explore the relationships between the structure and/or chemical composition and the specific physical properties of these materials as well as how one might modify these properties by varying the nature of the chemical bonds, the strength of the electron-electron interaction, the concentration of dopants and defects, etc. Hence, the meeting will be devoted mainly to the structure-property relationships in materials with photocatalytic, magnetic, optic or electronic properties. In that context the planned sessions of the meeting include functionnal materials, photovoltaic and photocatalysis, defects, quantum materials and computational/theoretical analyses.

The organizers put the emphasis that this symposium is structured to provide opportunities for experimental and theoretical solid state chemists, physicists and materials scientists to share their knowledge and expertise.


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